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East-West Cultural Passage

East-West Cultural Passage - No 18/2018 Issue 1&2

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ForewordThe Editors 5
The Gown in Town and the Question of Centrality CRISTINA DIAMANT7
Genesis Revealed in Every Third Thought by John Barth SORIN ŞTEFĂNESCU 29
Remembering the Traumatic Wound in Kazuo Ishiguro's Fiction ALEXANDRA MITREA 39
The Condition of Women in Emma and Jane Eyre ISABELLE NICOLE VOICU 56
Behavioural Patterns in Microblog-Based Book and Authorship Promotion ANCA DAMIEAN 74
"Waltzing to the Tune of Chocolate": Spaces of Repression and Difference in Lasse Hallstrşm's Chocolat (2000) ANCA-LUMINITA IANCU 93
Civilization Confronted with the Wilderness of EUROPE: Dracula and the Balcans ANDREI CĂLINOAIA 113
Ethnic Attachments and Transnational Loyalties: Romanian Heritage Festivals in the United States RALUCA ROGOVEANU 133
Subgroup or Substratum? An Examination of Proposed Pre-histories of the Albanian and Romanian Languages HANNAH FRANCES YOUNG 149
Thereby Hangs a Bawdy Tale: Three Shakesperean Ribald Puns on 'Tale/Tail' and Their Romanian Translations ANCA-SIMINA MARTIN 166
Notes on Contributors  186
Guidelines for Contributors  164