Volume Five, December 2004


Adriana NeaguThe Derridean Difference: In Memoriam Jacques

Literary Studies

Constantin CheveresanOn British Naturist Poetry
Silvia FloreaEzra Pound: A Mover in the Modernist Movement
Didi-Ionel CenuserFaulkner’s “Agony of Ink” in The Sound and the Fury
Sorin StefanescuHemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants” – A Structuralist Approach
Ileana CristeaHarlem and the Black Renaissance
Alina OnetThe Sense of Failure in D.H. Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers
Liliana Ciocoi-PopThe World of Ideas between the Sublime and the Grotesque in Antic Hay by Aldous Huxley: A Parallel with Camil Petrescu’s Work
Mihaela IrimiaOf Typewriters, Types, and Writers: Elizabeth Bishop in a New Context – A Transatlantic Visitor’s View
Alexandra MitreaIdentity as a Locus of Polarities in Saul Bellow’s Work
Lucia PavelescuA “One Hand Clapping” Approach to Life
Olga StroiaVariations in John Fowles’ Literary Work
Clementina MihailescuPlayers Unaware of the Game: Non-Apperception of the Evil vs. Apperception and the Love of the Good in The Flight From The Enchanter
Gabriela NistorThe Paranoic Dimension of James Kelman’s Short Story Character

Critical and Cultural Theory

Eugen GergelyOakeshott and ‘Rationalism
Ana-Karina SchneiderDeconstruction and Au(c)to-deconstruction in William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying
Cristina SandruA Poetics of the Liminal: Magical Realism and Its Horizons of Escape
Anca IgnatRethinking History: Postmodernist Perspectives
Andreea DijmarescuThe Role of the Monarchy in Britain

Film Studies and Visual Arts

Dana AltmanTechnology as Art
Asbjørn GrønstadStraw Dogs and the Aesthetic of Violence (I)
Daria RahaianWilliam Carlos Williams in a Painters’ World

Canadian and Francophone Studies

David HowardThe Transparent Empire: Exhibition Strategy and the Cold War at EXPO ’67
Lucia ZaharescuLe Quebec et ses lois linguistiques
Ramona Cojocaru-FletcherComing Out of Oblivion: History and Identity in The Blind Assassin and Alias Grace (I)
Rodica-Maria FofiuL’art de l’effet final dans deux récits fantastiques: Véra de Villiers de l’Isle-Adam et Le portrait ovale de Edgar Allan Poe
Maria-Rodica MihuleceaValeurs expressives de la répétition dans les proverbes et les dictons de l’espace linguistique francophone

Language and ELT

Anca MuresanThe Stylistics of the Parts of Speech in Memories of Childhood
Sorin UngureanuThe Evolution of Political Correctness within the American Establishment
Ovidiu MatiuTranslation and Culture – The Gestalt Principle in Translation
Alan PulvernessOutside Looking in: Teaching Literature as Dialogue
Shihua WangA Need for Reform in College English Testing in China
Feng Ying Zhu Using Computer-Assisted Instruction Methods in Chinese English-Language Teaching


Adriana NeaguSharing Time With The Other: The Fellowship of Oxford 2004
Alexandra MitreaSalzburg Seminar SSASAA 01 America in Our Time Salzburg, Austria, September 2-5, 2004
Lucia ZaharescuRapport sur la 9e Conférence internationale sur la loi et la langue: Beijing, Chine, 15 – 18 septembre 2004

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