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East-West Cultural Passage

East-West Cultural Passage - No 8/2009

Foreword  5
Everyman’s Indignation: Philip Roth’s Mortality Trilogy Anthony O’Keeffe9
The ‘Memory Meal’: Tasting the Past in Post-communist Romania Alyssa Grossman 20
Da, Mai Sunt: The Ethnic German Minority Lives on through Its Romanian Legacy – A Study of Romanian Youth and Trans-Ethnic Tradition Rachel Renz43
Is the United States an Appropriate Model for Romanian Democracy? – International and Human Rights Perspective Laura-Maria Crăciunean Horaţiu Alexandru Rusu 68
The Birth of Romani Nationalism in Interwar Romania M. Benjamin Thorne 83
Recent Techniques in Steinbeck’s Short-Stories Sorin Ştefănescu 98
The Language of Orature in Hope Eghagha’s Poetry Macaulay Mowarin107
Translating Food into English Alexandra Dorobanţiu137
Alice Munro, Too Much Happiness Anca-Raluca Radu156
Notes on Contributors  160
Guidelines for Contributors  134