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East-West Cultural Passage

East-West Cultural Passage - No 17/2017 Issue 1


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Foreword   5
Trans-Atlantic Pedagogical Dialogue - Philosophies of Education Corina-Mihaela Beleaua 7

When the East Meets the West:
Ang Lee's Cross-Cultural American Family in Taking Woodstock

Ting-Ting Chang 30
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner: Race, Ethnicity, and Women's Choices in Something New and My Big Fat Greek Wedding Anca-Luminita Iancu 50
Identity and Belonging in Caryl Phillips' Cambridge Alexandra Mitrea 73
Holes in the Fabric of Life Sorin Ştefănescu 86
"Brevity is the soul of wit": Ian McEvan's Short Prose Monica Cojocaru 100
Multiculturalism and Hybridity in Zadie Smith's Novels Catalina Stanislav 112
Reviews   133
Transcultural Imaginings: Translating the Other, Translating the Self in Narratives about migration and Terrorism. Glavanakova, Alexandra Anca-Luminiţa Iancu 134
The Non-National in Contemporary American Literature: Ethnic Women Writers and Problematic Belongings. Gomaa, Dalia M.A. Anca-Luminiţa Iancu 139
Notes on Contributors   143