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East-West Cultural Passage

East-West Cultural Passage - No 15/201 Issue 1

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Preface  5
Metafictional Twist Endings in Ian McEwan’s Atonement and Sweet Tooth Monica Cojocaru7
Concepts of Style in The Pastures of Heaven Sorin Ștefănescu 20
Is Kazuo Ishiguroʹs The Remains of the Day the Work of a “Naïve” or a “Sentimental” Writer? Clementina Mihăilescu
Eric Gilder
American Dreams in the City: Quests for Identity in Elizabeth Stern’s My Mother and I (1917) and Rose Cohen’s Out of the Shadow (1918) Anca-Luminița Iancu44
The Angel in the House, the Household General, the Ethereal Queen – Cultural and Patriarchal Representations of Women in 19th Century Britain Ana-Blanca Ciocoi-Pop65
The Women Who Have Changed This Place: Romania’s Feminists and Their Interest in Education Ana-Karina Schneider75
Max Blecher and the Sense of Search for Self Daniela Moldoveanu 98
The Neurotic Prufrock: A Lacanian Reading of Eliot’s The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

Pyeaam Abbasi

Translation of Wordplay in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Andreea Maria Teodorescu132
Notes on Contributors  215
Guidelines for Contributors  220