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East-West Cultural Passage

East-West Cultural Passage - No 10/2011

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Foreword  5
Planetary Novels?: Cosmopolitanism and Globality In and Out of a National Literature PETER CHILDS9
Disordered Reality, Diseased Cities and Desperate Detectives in Thomas Pynchon’s The Crying of Lot 49 and Inherent Vice T. RAVICHANDRAN26
Ideology and Microcosm in Steinbeck’s Cannery Row SORIN ŞTEFĂNESCU36
The Limits of Empathetic Imagination in Ian McEwan’s Saturday MONICA COJOCARU45
Saira Shah’s The Storyteller’s Daughter: A Rhetorical Approach to Memory and Identity Crisis DANIELA VASILOIU59
East Eats West: The Multi-Centered Reality CRISTINA CHEVEREŞAN73
“The Opposite of Disappearing”: Jewishness and Globality in Nicole Krauss’s Novels The History of Love and Great HouseCORINA SELEJAN 87
Cultural Submission in Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man LAVINIU COSTINEL LĂPĂDAT97
The Dynamics of Interculturalism in Children’s Literature Translation CRISTINA CHIFANE106
Literacy in the Network of Shifting Borders SORIN UNGUREAN120
Interdisciplinarity in Medicine in Translation – Journeys with My Patients IRINA PĂNESCU134
Antinomic Interpretations of Self as Defined by Moral Rights and Copyrights in British Tradition, Spirit and Feelings, and The United States Constitution ERIC GILDER
U.S. Universities Lose Lead in Intellectual Social Responsibility BARBARA MUELLER170
Notes on Contributors  183
Guidelines for Contributors  188