About the Journal

History of the journal

The Scientific and Pedagogic Journal “Fair play” had started in March 2003 as a student magazine of the “Lucian Blaga” University and was the first scientific student magazine of physical education and sport from our country.

In 2004 the “Fair play” magazine receives scientific recognition from National Library of Romania with the current ISSN: 1841-1010; transforming the magazine in the current scientific and pedagogic journal “Fair play”, being the first scientific journal with the main subject: physical education and sport activities.

“Fair play” is a biannual scientific journal since 2004, being printed only as a hard copy not online or on CD. The journal had a break from 2006 until 2017 for inactivity but started again its activity in 2017 with volume IV and number 7 and 8.

Aims and scope of the journal

The Scientific and Pedagogic Journal “Fair Play” is a journal that publishes original research papers and reviews related to sports sciences, physical education and sport, kinetotherapy, history of sports, sports medicine etc.

The major areas of coverage include sports domain, physical education and sports, physical training, physical fitness, physical therapy, socialization and communication through sport, recreation, loasir through sport activities, research in sports area, sports activities, sport psychology, sport sociology, sports medicine, training and teaching methods, biomechanics-kinesiology, health, motor learning, psychology, philosophy, physiology etc.

Our scope is to contribute through publishing interesting and helpful research and contribute to education process (teaching and learning), research and knowledge from sport science and physical education area.