Articles Review

The „Fair-play” Scientific and Pedagogical Journal it’s a scientific magazine, double-blind peer-review in which you will find articles about Sport, Physical Education, Sport performance, Kinetotherapy, Sport medicine, History of sport and so on. The articles are subject to the peer review process, conducted by the editorial staff led by the editor and scientific secretary of the journal. Following this approach, the resulting observations will be communicated to the authors for correction. In the review process we apply the “blind” method which consists of the following three steps:

1. The articles published in the Fair-play Journal must be original materials that have not been published elsewhere. Articles that have been found plagiarized in other works will be rejected.

2. It will be examined how the authors comply with the instructions for regarding the editing and accuracy of the English translation of the article. In the event of non-compliance with these requirements, the article will be returned to the authors to remedy the deficiencies found.

3. Articles that have complied with the requirements of the first stage will be allocated for the scientific evaluation to two independent specialists. The identity of the authors and reviewers will not be known, the article only bearing the identification number.

The review process will take up to 1-3 weeks, from the time the article was submitted, until the submission of the comments or recommendations or the acceptance of the publication. The reviewers will review the articles received on the basis of the following evaluation criteria approved by the editorial staff of the journal:

a. The originality and novelty of the proposed theme

b. Clarity and accuracy of the text

c. Appropriate use of research methods

d. The relevance of the study for research and/or impact on the domains covered by the article

e. Relevance and timeliness of bibliographic sources

The articles must be submitted to the contact address: