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The Cultures of English: Anglophone Sensibility, Regional Confluences and the Romanian Difference

Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca

Shifting attention from ‘English’ as a disciplinary area to the assumptions, attitudes and cultures embedded in its practice, the paper proposes an examination of the cultural ethos prevalent in the study of English in the Romanian academe under the former communist regime. Not an in-depth study of any given area of scholarly research, the enquiry is geared toward a consideration of English as a mode of cultural production, constantly reflecting, mediating, and shaping conceptions of race, ethnicity, nationalism, and colonialism in Romanian intellectual history. One of the central aims of the examination is to read the cultural values inscribed in and associated with Anglophone sensibility against a set of regional dominants from the perspective of the processes of adoption and adaptation underlying academic practices with a view to articulating the condition of specificity encapsulating the Romanian difference.

Keywords: English Studies, area studies, Anglophone sensibility, Englishness, Romanianness, communism, postcolonialism, transculturation, Mioritza, Lucian Blaga


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