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English Studies Curricula and Romanian Anthologies of
English Literature

Ovidius University, Constanţa

This article presents a brief history of English Studies in Romania since its beginnings in the latter half of the nineteenth century and introduces the reader to a history of Romanian anthologies of English literature. The first part of this essay discusses the general characteristics of English studies in Romania alongside its rise and progress in the major Romanian universities both before and after the fall of the iron curtain. The examples given to support the presentation of English Studies curricula are those of the English departments of the Universities of Iaşi and Bucharest. The second part of the article is concerned with a list and description of the anthologies of English literature edited by Romanian academics and published by Romanian university presses between the 1960s and the 2000s. Local anthologies have been very useful tools to cater for the immediate teaching needs and requirements of Romanian academics during the communist regime because of the small number of autochthonous English sources. The anthology content followed closely the canonical list of authors and texts of English textbooks. In recent years, however, there has been an important decrease in students’ and teachers’ use of anthologies in the classroom due to the growing interest in electronic resources which have almost completely replaced the traditional paper book.

Keywords: English Studies, ‘Englishes,’ English curricula and syllabi, English literature, British culture, Romanian anthologies, autochthonous sources


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