1. March 1st (First Issue appears in June)
2. September 1st (Second Issue appears in December)

We recommend authors to submit paper proposals to the mail address mentioned above.

General Specifications

  • Papers are received in electronic form at
  • Papers should be between 4000 and 10.000 words (6-15 pages), written in English
  • Each article should contain:
    • an Abstract (150-200 words) in English;
    • up to five Keywords in English.
    • al least 10 scientific sources (scientific articles, studies, books, published or unpublished documents)

We suggest that you consult a native speaker or a specialist in English, for fluency of your text.

*Editorial policy specifications:

  1. If an article has many authors, their order will be decided by the title of scientific and academic rank of authors, in descending order. In the case of a tie, the order will be alphabetical by author’s surname;
  2. If the institutional affiliation of authors at the Faculty of Social Sciences, International Relations, Political Science and Security Studies Department (as professors, associated professors, master, master graduates, students or graduates of undergraduate studies), this affiliation is mandatory for membership as identification dates. The author is able to claim another quality (and only one), which will be settled AFTER AFFILIATION for the Faculty of Social Sciences – Department of International Relations, Political Science and Security Studies. This will appear in printed form of the article only if relevant to the our research domain. Decision on the relevance belongs to the editorial board;
  3. Do not publish more than one article/author in a number of magazine
  4. The papers proposed for publication will be checked against plagiarism through the software recommended by the Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu;
  5. No publication fees are charged!

Style Guidelines

“Studia Securitatis” uses the following editing frame:

Page SettingsFormat: 9.25”/6.5”; Margins: top, bottom, right -: 0,6”;   left – 08”
Article TitleCaps; size 12; bold; centered
Author nameSize 12 right alignment; first letter of Forename in Caps, italic and bold; Name in Caps, italic and bold
AffiliationSize 11; right alignment; italic and bold
AbstractSize 11; italic; justify; one row identation
KeywordsSize 11; justify; bold
TextSize 11; justify; one row identation
TablesPreceded by a title, reference to the table must be made in round brackets (Table 1);
Charts and figuresClearly so as to be legible in black and white printing, must be accompanied by a title (size 10), referring to graphs and figures must be done in round brackets (Figure 1);
Formulas and equationsNumbered consecutively in parentheses: (1), (2) etc.
Bibliographical notesArranged in the bottom of the page (footnotes) numbered in ascending order, size 10, justify, for example: Ioan Ștefănescu, Mihai Popa, Instituții europene, Humanitas, București, 2009, p. 13
BibliographyArranged in alphabetical order at the end of the document, for example: Ștefănescu, Ioan; Popa, Mihai, Instituții europene, Humanitas, București, 2009