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  Professor Sever Trifu, former Head of the Department of British and American Studies of Lucian Blaga University, Sibiu (1995-2004), founding editor of the ABC Journal, the journal of the Academic Anglophone Society of Romania, died in June 2006, one day short of his seventy-sixth birthday. Having suffered a massive stroke in 2004, the Professor’s death did not come as a surprise, and yet we here, at the ABC, are still having a very difficult time adjusting to the cruel fact: Professor Trifu is no longer with us.

When the Professor turned seventy, we threw a birthday party in his honour with the theme ‘The Department Salutes Its Youngest Member’. For paradoxically, this venerable scholar, was also a man of extraordinary vitality and zest for life, eternally young at heart. He had had a long and distinguished career, which brought him recognition and admiration as one of the most respected specialists in English and American studies in Romania. Having graduated from the University of Bucharest in the early nineteen-fifties, Sever Trifu taught English at a Military Academy before moving to the University of Cluj and taking up a position with its English Department. For many years one of the leading professors of the English Department of Cluj and Head of Department for most of the nineteen-eighties, in 1992 Professor Trifu accepted an invitation from Lucian Blaga University, Sibiu to take up a position at the Department of British and American Studies of the University. In 1995 he was elected Head of Department and served with distinction until 2004.

The authority, academic prestige and tremendous experience that Professor Trifu brought to the job of heading the Department benefited a young and still growing Department immensely. There is not a single member of the Department who did not learn essential things from him, indeed who did not benefit from his encouragement, kindness and professional support. A man of strong convictions and indomitable will, Professor Trifu had also become a father figure for the Department and was surrounded by the genuine affection and admiration of all.

ABC and the Academic Anglophone Society of Romania, which he established in 1994, are but two of the many testimonies to Professor Trifu’s continuing concern with the mission of English studies in Romanian Higher Education. A man of profound vision, Late Professor Trifu founded the Society with a mind to create a vibrant forum of debate for Romanian scholars of English and promote daring, locally informed work in the field. ABC had thus been his brainchild from the beginning and he nurtured it with fatherly care and unfailing commitment. His departure leaves a void that will be very difficult to fill; his exemplary stature as a teacher and scholar will stay with us for many years to come.



Eugen Gergely

Lucian Blaga University, Sibiu


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