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Discussing the Translation Product

Lucian Blaga University, Sibiu


The result of the translator’s work, it has become a commonplace expectation, must be a work of the same worth and have the same expressive force and eloquence as the original, not more, not less. To live up to this strong, value-laden principle, it follows directly that the translator needs to measure up to, in the level and quality of his/her performance, the original, “source writer,” or else to handle the source language as if a native. These concerns form the central lines of enquiry of the present paper and will be approached within the framework of a theoretical section, dealing with the reception of translation and the ideology behind the translator’s work with its gains and losses; and an applied one, aiming to demonstrate these aspects by comparative analysis of two English versions of a poem by Mihai Eminescu, one by Sylvia Pankhurst and I.O. Ştefanovici, and another by Corneliu M. Popescu.

Keywords: translation, poetry, Mihai Eminescu, “Şi dacă…,” prosody, stylistic devices, target audience, emotion.



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