Different Chopper Types for Supply Separately Excited DC Motor


  • Alina Viorel LBUS
  • Gabriela Crăciunaș


Nowadays saving the planet's resources plays a very important role in improving our life conditions. The purpose of the paper is to supply the separately excited dc motor by using different chopper circuits. A very sustainable solution is to replace the resistors from classic theory with dc choppers for better efficiency. The armature voltage can be controlled by using IGBT chopper and the PWM signal received from controller is done with a dedicated block created by MATLAB environment. The advantages of developing this technique are that the speed changes proportionally with armature voltage and inversely with field voltage by keeping field and armature voltage constant respectively. The chopper designed with IGBT and Diode modules offers good control at any frequency value and the speed, the armature current and electromagnetic torque of DC motor can be control. In this paper, different choppers had been simulating were working in four quadrants for supply an excited dc motor by using Matlab program.