Using drone technology for preserving the economic sustainability of the agricultural holdings


  • Pompilica Iagăru
  • Pompiliu Pavel
  • Romulus Iagăru
  • Anca Șipoș


In the present era, precision agriculture, through the set of innovative technologies that it uses, allows to effectively manage the terrain, machinery, and input acquisition, considering the specific natural variation of the environmental conditions. One of such innovations is the unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) technology which has gained popularity and has been widely used in adopting efficient strategies for preserving the economic sustainability of the agricultural holdings. The need for an efficient management, the complex climatic, technological, economic, and biological changes that have recently occurred at the level of agro-systems impose a continuous and accurate knowledge of the growing production resources and the vegetation state in cultures. In this context, the article investigates a series of particularities regarding the use of geospatial and informational technology in the process of taking, storing, analyzing, and interpreting them to optimize inputs, considering the state of the crops and the degree of soil supply in each relatively homogeneous area of the terrain.