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De « l’homme à fragments » à « l’homme rapaillé ».
Les enjeux identitaires dans l’œuvre de Cioran
et de Gaston Miron

Université « Lucian Blaga » de Sibiu

In the following, we propose a comparative reading of two texts by the Romanian born, French essayist Emil Cioran and the Quebec poet Gaston Miron. In the first instance, the aim is to examine the question of bilingualism and the relationship of the two authors with their chosen/mother tongue. By conducting close readings of the texts, we aim to focus in the second instance on the construction of their identity. Due reference is made to the fragmentary writing which governs not only the artistic creation but also the re-creation of the self.

Emil Cioran, Gaston Miron, bilingualism, mother tongue, language, identity, fragmentary writing



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