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Fiction et fictionnalisation chez Hubert Aquin

Université « Lucian Blaga » de Sibiu

The aim of the article is to analyse Hubert Aquin’s novelistic fiction in its articulations with autobiography. The thrust of the argument is that the autobiographical text is no longer viewed as fiction on the basis of the writing / reading contract between author and reader. We argue this by considering the dilemma on the ‘real’ side of the story that always blurs autobiography. Some of Aquin’s narrators cover tracks on purpose opening false predicaments in order to submit to their narratees’ ever-increasing demands. The point we attempt to make here is that every subsequent narrativisation leads to a fictionalization of the self; consequently that, according to Aquin, autobiography becomes a “false category.” It follows that, whereas the receiver considers it as fictional, one can evaluate it as ‘real’ or grant it a reality within the author’s universe.

Fiction, real, reality, to fictionalize, autobiography, autofiction, story, diégèsis, narrativisation, reading contract



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