Call for Membership

The Academic Anglophone Society of Romania invites new memberships from scholars of English of various specialisms. AASR was set up in 1997 to function as a specialist interest group for Romanian academics involved in English Studies. Since then, the Society has organised several major international conferences, has published the American, British and Canadian Studies Journal quarterly and biannually, and initiated a series of long-term multidisciplinary projects. The primary mission of the Society is to promote excellence in the discipline through shape-changing research and networking. In recent years, AASR has extended its range of activities into new bibliographic and networking fields, among these, the building of an Electronic Mailbase and the launching in winter 2007 of the Year's Work in Anglophone Studies in Romania. Newsletters providing information of worldwide events in the field as well as relevant new publications are available to AASR members. Scholars need not be Romanian nationals or working in Romania to be eligible for full membership. Overseas members share all the benefits of Romanian members. For terms and conditions, membership fees, and further particulars on how to become an affiliate member, please contact Dr Ana-Karina Schneider, AASR Secretary at

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The Academic Anglophone Society of Romania, 2012
Call for Membership

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